Give-me-something-fun-to-write Storylet 2: Kelkyag

I asked for something fun to write here; this is to the 2nd prompt, from Kelkyag (Gremlins!)

The car stopped. Again. Geoff checked the trunk, under the seats, the glovebox, and the little side-cup holders, again. Someone had hexed him, it had to be. But where was the mark?

Under the hood, the gremlin giggled.

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0 thoughts on “Give-me-something-fun-to-write Storylet 2: Kelkyag

  1. <giggles> I don’t understand why Geoff’s not checking under the hood. Even with no gremlin involved, why not chalk the hex at least on the underside of the hood, if not right on the engine? (Look at all those genre assumptions …)

      • Under the engine seems like it’d be more work for the hexer, too, if Geoff’s assuming a human-sized hexer, whereas I think the underside of the hood is no harder than the trunk. Maybe? (Assumption assumption assumption …) <wonders if Geoff would find the gremlin if he did look in the engine>

        • I dunnnnno I didn’t put that much logic into 30 words of story 😛 But assume he looked under the hood and missed the Gremlin. ;-D

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