I asked for something fun to write here; this is to the 4th prompt, from Lilfluff (Second generation Cali-Cats as kittens. Kittens at play, what could be cuter?)

“And this is where we… well, you can see for yourself, your Lordship.” The slave acting as a guide gestured over the half door.

His Lordship frowned. He wasn’t used to that sort of talk, especially not from a costumed moddie. “What sort of… oh.” He didn’t quite manage to hide his smile. “Ooh.”

In the well-carpeted room, four – kittens? toddlers? – small moddie children tumbled, one of them, grey-striped ears and black-tipped ears, making little baby-growl noises. “They’re…?”

“Second generation, your Lordship. The one with the Siamese markings is my get.”

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