December Meme Day Twelve – Fictional Characters

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Today’s prompt is from [personal profile] kay_brooke: How about fictional characters and your feelings? Who do you like the most? Who do you enjoy writing the most? Who do you frequently want to knock some sense into?

Fictional characters! I spend a lot of time thinking about them, you know, although I suppose I think more about scenarios than I do about characters.

When I get into a serial – and this was the flaw with Addergoole 9 not just for the readers but for me, too – I can get into the characters’ heads, and really play along with them.

Shahin, Shahin (From Addergoole: TOS) was a load of fun but I spend the entire series wanting to slap her. Most of the time with Kailani I kind of wanted to shake some sense into her – No, people don’t work that way! – and Jamian I mostly wanted to hug.

When I’m writing short stories, I don’t really have time to get into the characters heads much, so something like 7/10 of my writing can just be put over there in “mostly concept-based, not really about the characters.”

But long-running characters… *grin* Clearly, I love writing Cynara. She’s just fun, and she’s fun at any stage of her development. Her powers are entertaining, but the way she interacts with other people is just so much fun to write. And Luke. Luke harrumphs and grumps his way through life, and it’s fun watching the rug get pulled out from under him.

…these are all Addergoole characters. Whoops.

*big, unabashed grin* All right, side goal for 2015: Get into the heads of at least 2 non-Addergoole characters as thoroughly as I know Luke and Cynara. Doont.

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