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Okay, so for ([personal profile] trope), I am creating a Whole New World!

Considering that pile of tropes, I am writing a romance/buddy comedy/something/detective story through space and possibly time. That means (lots of things, but for the moment, it means:) I have two protagonists, and because of my own pile of tropes (this is for fun, after all), one is male and one is female.

He is physically and possibly psychically stronger and bigger than her; she is likely smarter than him. He’s a criminal (but not irredeemable); she’s a bounty hunter.

That being said, I have nothing else determined about them, except that they are both “human”.

“Human” in this case, as this is a space story, covers a wide array of Roddenberry-alien-type modifications and alterations on a bilaterally symmetrical biped with the head on top, as well as a wide range of cultures.

So: what are their names, what do they look like, what can you tell me about their history? (I know a couple things about his and nothing about hers).

Edited to add: feel free to give me a single trait, like “he wears his hair in braids” or “she has green hair.”

* She’s fit and wears practical clothes.
* They’re travelling in her vehicle.
* Her father was a prostitute!
* She has naturally green hair but she dyes it orange.
* He has skull ridges/tentacles? that LOOK like braids.
* Assyra – female name
* Emmeth – male name
* his name ends in an A
* She has a prehensile, forked tongue.
* He really loves orchestral music.

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  1. His name ends in “-a”, because I’m sick and tired of Romance (that’s the language family!) name tropes being treated as a Universal Fundamental.

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