The Four Undramatic Plot Structures, a Cartoon

Made me think about the troubles in plotting I sometimes (often!) have.

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  1. Oddly #1 pretty much sums up Captain Vorpatril’s Alliance. Which is the difficulty writing a novel around a secondary character who’s primary characteristic is avoiding responsibility or even appearing to be anything but a town clown.

      • When Adventure Calls, Ivan Vorpatril hangs up. 🙂 Come from being tall, handsome, perceived as a bit dim, and sixth in line for the Imperium. When someone tries to attach a political plot ot him, his first impulse is to call Imperial Security.

          • I did say perceived as dim. ;p Given his relatives include his cousin Miles Vorkosigan (ex-Imperial Security undercover agent in the Guise of Admiral Naismith, and later Imperial Auditor) and Uncle Count Admiral Aral “The Butcher of Komaar” Vorkosigan (former Imperial Regent, former Prime Minister, current co-Viceroy of Sergyar) it’s very easy for Ivan to seem less than bright compared to those two. Oh, and whenever there’s a crisis, Miles inevitably calls on Ivan to be his pack mule. Occasionally carrying dynamite… Really, Alliance is the book where Ivan is finally allowed ot shine, but you can’t read it without going through the rest of the series first…

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