Keeping Secrets

Addergoole-‘verse, about 3 years after the end of the world. Warning: discussion of violence.

Also warning: it’s a fragment

“…and then…” Troia leaned forward over the table, already smiling. She loved this part of the story. She knew Achaeus loved it, too. It suited the violence of his Mara-blood; Troia had no such excuse. “I drove one last nail into her…” The door to the kitchen swung open, and Troia fell quiet.

Achaeus picked up for her. “Hey, Matt.”

She’d only been Keeping her former Keeper for a few days, and she had yet to accustom herself to the skittish refugee he’d become since the world ended. Troia smiled brightly at him, and was rewarded by a wan smile in return.

“We were just discussing breakfast. Any ideas?”

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