Brainstorming Time!

 Hello my friends!  

I am pondering a short romantic apocalyptic adventure novella for Camp Nano, because everything is better with the end of the world.  The main characters are 2 former Addergoole students – new characters. 

So, apoc = 2011-2012 (Ag years 16-17).  She graduated at the end of Yr 13, 2008, he, in Yr 11, 2006

I can, if I HAVE to, push this 2 years earlier, but I’d rather not. 


  • descriptors for both of them?
  • What can she have done in three years to have become very-affluent-to-rich?
  • What was he doing in the meantime?


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  1. Use a talent for reading the future to play the stock market? Work for a fae in government? Be Kept for a few years in exchange for a pile of money?

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