Time for Play

Written to the Three-Word Wednesday Prompt: Annoyed hushed pain. Sparked in part by following several “abandoned places” blogs across the social media platforms.

“Shit.” Harry landed hard on the floor, spitting out profanity in a hiss of pain. “Shit, shit, fuck.”

“Quiet.” Jayden held up a warning hand. “They’re still here. They have to be.”

“Where are you, children?” The voice was robotic, monotonous. There was no way it could sound annoyed. And yet, somehow it did. “Children, you come out and play now.”

“I told you…” Harry was holding his hand over his shoulder; blood was seeping out round the edges. “The old places are fun, but only as long as you don’t go into the locked rooms.”

“Hsst,” Jayden hushed. She shouldn’t have opened the door. She knew that. But it had been there, just beckoning: KEEP OUT, the letters still bold and bright when everything else in the abandoned hospital was grey and dingey. “Shh…”

“Where are you, children? It is time to play with Clownbot.” Was the robot coming closer? Would it see them if they moved?

“I’m sorry.” She moved closer to Harry. “I knew better.” The blood wasn’t stopping. They were in a hospital, a hospital… but there was nothing left here to save him with.

“Children, you belong in the junior ward. You need to play in the junior ward with Clownbot. You need to do it now.”

“Fine.” Jayden stood up and stepped around the corner. “Harry, go for the door. Come on, Clownbot.” All she had was a crowbar and a flashlight. It was going to have to do. “Let’s play.”

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