Trying out new recipes

Yesterday, we had Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Crispy Baked Tofu with Honey-Sesame Glaze for dinner – because we had tofu that needed eating and brussels sprouts in the fridge, so I googled “Tofu & brussels sprouts.” There’s a surprising number of options!

It was tasty! We cut the soy sauce by half, but that was about the only change we made. Filling, too – a good balance of protein, fat, and vegetation. And the sauce wasn’t as sweet as you might think. If we do it again, we may cut the soy sauce down more & use molasses instead of honey.

On St. Pat’s day, for dessert, spousal unit said “potato cookies.”

Okay. We can do potato cookies. I’ve been wanting to experiment with potato flour/potato starch more anyway, because it’s Reiassan’s primary starch.

After some googling, we made Uppåkra, which aren’t at ALL Irish, but we did dye them green. Tasty recipe – I 1/4’d it, and it made 6 cookies. I added 1/4 tsp salt, because we never have salted butter in the house, and rather than rolling them, scooped-and-flattened. They taste a bit like shortbread cookies and a bit like sugar cookies. But I think they need more flavoring.

All in all, a good experimental week.

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  1. Recipe-wise, the Uppakra sound a lot like shortbread cookies — I’ve seen those with cornstarch or rice flour in addition to wheat flour, which I think reduces the fraction of protein/gluten to help keep the right texture. I’d expect potato starch to behave similarly. Yay, mad cooking!

    • I’ve never made shortbread cookies! (not sure why, it’s just never come up). But that’s good to know. I could look up one with rice flour, too. And I’ve been playing with the potato flour/wheat flour ratio (more potato flour appears to want more butter…)

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