When All Else Fails, Make a Plan

This is fanfic of cluudle‘s lovely series of storied titled A Small Mistake (warnings for “abuse of power, teacher/student relationship, piles of mind control for everyone.”) It’s just a beginning, but I was thinking of students watching Kayla, and…</i.

Ayler had never intended to be at a supervillain school. He was suppose to be a hero, the son and grandson of heros.

But after what had happened, none of the hero schools would take him in. He looked too much like his father, sounded too much like his father. And because they all believed that his father had been brilliant, there was no way he could say to them, “look, my dad made a stupid mistake. If he’d survived it, he could have learned from it. I can learn from it, and I’m certainly not going to make the same mistake he did.”

The problem was, nobody thought it was a mistake.

But what he couldn’t say to the heros, he could say to the headmaster of Hero Bridge Academy. They were more than willing to hear that the great hero had been stupid, and they were more than willing to ask him in detail what he would do differently, in his father’s tights.

Ayler knew that the heroing community would take his “defection” as a sign that the blood was bad, that his father must have gone rogue. But Ayler had no siblings and his cousins were well-established already. He wasn’t hurting anyone but himself – and they’d left him no choice.

Ayler knew what he was going to do. He sat in the lunchroom and watched them, the kids of supervillains, the ones who had been kidnapped, the ones who had no choice but to be here. Junior heros did it all the time; he didn’t see why he shouldn’t, too.

He was going to form a team.

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