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Distributing Self-Pub books via Little Free Libraries and the like?

I was thinking the other day (while passing the Friends of the Library book sale building), that many people advise getting your book out there by donating it to libraries, which is problematic – library donations often just end up at book sales like that (and then sometimes in dumpsters from there); libraries have limited space and the books they keep on their shelves are curated, and so on. There is a five-post guest article on this in my archives – and scroll down a couple posts – by eseme.


Little Free Libraries have none of that, including a budget. If you had a map of their libraries in your area and a stack of your books, you could seed them throughout the area. Road trip and slide ’em in on the way. Like very map-based suburban/urban geocaching? “Oh, we’re going to be in boston, let’s check out their little free libraries while we’re there.”

…I need a book to drop off at the local LFL.

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Edally Academy Chapter 10A: Gather Round Now Children, Hear My Song

Saydrie looked at Taikie and Enrie with a look so worried and so desperate, it made Enrie’s chest clench and her throat tighten. She nodded slowly. “We trust you, Sayrie. I promise I won’t doubt you.”

“I – I trust you.” Taikie sounded less certain, but she had been the one following Saydrie

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