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Addergoole Wants You! (To leave comments)


I have almost finished migrating all of Addergoole: The Original Series to WordPress, here:

But with the slow death of the old forums and moving to the new site… it looks sad. It wants comment-love.

So I’m going to bribe you, the readers, to leave comments.


The first 20 people** to leave comments* on the new Addergoole site ( may request any Addergoole or fae-apoc based short-short stories:

The first 5 commenters will get 250 words
The next 5 will get 100 words
The next 5 will get 50 words
and the next 5 will get 25 words.

Each additional comment after your first will increase that wordcount by 10%, up to 500 words.

Leave a note here with your requested story. Stories will be posted within the next 2-3 months, as time permits.

* A comment, for the purposes of this post, must be at least 10 words long, excluding typo-finds, and must be relevant in some way to the post you’re commenting on. No credit for spam!

** This option will remain open for three weeks, or until I have 20 commenters, whichever comes first.

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