Patreon This Month: The Animal People are Invading!

 The anthropomorphic animals are invading!  One day late for Halloween, they’re here in force… or maybe they’ve always been here. 

Places to look for animal-people in my writing include, but are not limited to:

Tír na Cali – this modern-fantasy slavery-alternate-history setting involves genetically modified beings (moddies) and cosmetically-changed animal-people (Skin jobs)

Fae Apoc/Addergoole – Where fae Change into a not-quite-human form, animal-people abound.  Canonical examples include Shiva and Magnolia (cat-people), Wyatt (dog-person), and so on; the Change usually involves personality as well as physical changes. 

Fairy Town has the Lion King stories. 

In the Foedus Planetarum, many Variations on a base humanoid model exist.  Yira has hair like snakes; Jahan comes from an arboreal people.  Who’s to say there aren’t cat-people out there?

And of course, we can’t forget the Invasion of the Kaa-Tah.

The prompt call is  open HERE for $5 patrons and higher.  
Everything I write on Patreon is available HERE for anyone pledging $1/month or more. 

Want to see my furry writing? This is the month for it!

Want to see more Patreon examples? Here’s a list of months before that and their stories.

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