Lady Taisiya’s 4th Husband, Chapter 11 – a fantasy/romance fdomme story

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He was already erect. He wanted her to notice; he was terrified of her noticing.

Without breaking the kiss, she wrapped her hand around his shaft. Sefton moaned softly. Her hand felt perfect. How much nicer would… He faltered, blushed, but couldn’t look away.

“Boys play with other boys,” she whispered in his ear. “Now, lover, you get to find out what being taken by a real woman feels like. Do you want me?”

“Shells and stones, yes,” he gasped.

“Are you sure? It won’t be like it was with your good friends…”

“Please?” he keened it, his hips bucking up into her hand again. “Please, Taisiya?”

“Oh, you sweet man, I’m going to enjoy this. Beg for me a little, more, that’s it.” Her hands left him. Sefton’s eyes followed her, and his hand twitched under his head.

Begging, he could do. He licked his lips. “Please?” he moaned. “Please show me, my Lady, my… please, Taisiya, Show me what it can be like with you.”

“You really do want it, don’t you?” She slicked a little oil over him, her fingers sending shivers through his whole body, and over and in herself. Just watching her made Sefton moan again.

“Yes, oh, please.” His hips bucked as her fingers trailed over him again. “I’m… It’s been so long,” he added, almost a whisper, and then wished he’d kept it unsaid.

“Mmm, since your friends? And you a young man, all full of seed and eager. Do you want to put your seed in me, Feltian?”

He groaned, biting back responses that were crude, or rude, or worse. He closed his eyes instead, as her oil-slicked fingers played around the head of his cock and down to the base, leaving cool lines that soon heated up.

“Fair enough,” she chuckled, as if he’d answered her. “No more difficult questions, not for now. Kiss me, Feltian, darling.”

He could do that, and he did, pressing up to her lips while he tried to keep his hips from doing the same. He closed his eyes, stopped fighting his chains, and gave in to the way she touched him.

Her hands were like nothing he’d ever felt on him, and when she straddled him, still kissing him, Sefton felt a momentary frisson run through him. This wasn’t one of his friends at school. This was a woman and… and…

He kissed her again and tried not to panic. She was maneuvering, sliding him inside her and “Shells!” he gasped into the kiss.

“That’s it,” she whispered. She pressed one hand down on his chest, just below his throat, holding him in place, as if he needed the extra reminder. “Nice and slow, that’s good. You can move, if you want to.”

He hadn’t realized how still, how stiff he’d been holding himself until she reminded him. Slowly – more slowly than he thought possible – he rose up to meet her, finding her rhythm.

She gasped and groaned like a man might, little noises, stifled, and then loud ones when he found the right spot. Her spots were all different than any man, of course, but she still made lovely noises.

Sefton was a quick learner; he always had been. She kept him pinned down to the bed, but he could keep moving his hips and his legs, shifting his position, finding all the places that made her groan and gasp. “Beautiful noises,” he whispered, the way he would to one of his special friends, and he was too intent on what he was doing to even worry that he might offend her. “Oh, shells… soon,” he added in a quiet grunt.

“Yes,” she agreed. She grabbed his hips with both hands and pulled, urging him on. “Come on, yes, that’s it, now. Now!”

There was no arguing with that tone, and Sefton’s body had no interest in the argument anyway. He thrust up into her, again and again, and shuddered, falling back down to the bed, eyes closed, panting. “Shells,” he panted quietly, not capable of thought more complicated than that.

Chapter 12: Aftermath –

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