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Assume, a story for the Gender & Sexuality Theme, available for Patreon patrons now!

I started out with Hob’s punnish prompt and I may have just invented a new world. Also, Coffee Shop, because, well, there’s coffee shop AU’s everywhere so I just decided the U should be in a coffee shop.

Ahem. It was late and I was sleepy-giddy. Have a story. New ‘Verse.

The shop wasn’t all that busy. Haley wasn’t surprised: it was the middle of the day on the Thursday before Christmas, they were in a college-town area, not a high retail-traffic sort of place, and the snow was knee deep in the shallow parts. They were only open for the UPS drivers & bus drivers, if she was going to be honest. And to give Cady the hours, because Cady needed the money.

Haley didn’t mind having the extra help…

read on…

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