Love and Letters, reposts on Patreon

This is a series of tiny stories written to an old Love Meme – little vignettes of various characters in various types of love.

Taro and Kailani, from Addergoole the Original Series

First week of Year 5:
“She’s gorgeous,” Taro told Conrad, who had heard it all already at least a hundred times. “Those eyes. Those legs. That hair. Gods, Con, I’ve got to have her.”
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In the spirit of the greats, I offer a rhyming couplet poem I wrote in 2013 as a signal boost incentive. I only got through G, but I do think it’s still a fun poem.
It’s a survey of my characters and my worlds, from A through, well, G.

With annotations.

A for Aelfgifu, for Audrey, and Autumn,
Addergoole, and Aelfgar’s myriad daughters.

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