Fancy-Dressed Kitties, a continuation for Tír na Cali.

After Kitties

Enasshi’s new assistant gardener tugged at the sleeves of his coat. “This is…” He coughed.

“It is,” agreed the head gardener, a fox moddie who was wearing breeches and nothing else. “The good news is, when you’re in the back yard, the gardens, or anywhere but the front yard or the public spaces, just wear the pants – and the shirt if you want it. The rest is for public places.”

The assistant gardener looked down at the pile of clothing in his arms. “So she knows we get it dirty, ‘cause there’s seven changes of clothes here. But there’s seven changes of clothes here. I think that costs more than she spent on me.”

“Let’s be honest.” The head gardener smirked. “She doesn’t spend all that much on us.”

The assistant gardener looked up, startled. “…Us?”

“Oh, come on, kid, you didn’t think you were the only one, did you? No, this is on purpose. Here, sit down, put those clothes down. Nobody does yard work at noon, anyway. No.” The head gardener tucked his tail around a stool as he sat down. “She found out about the moddies that don’t work out. ‘Unsuitable’ moddies. Don’t you dare tell anyone I told you, but Helena, the chatelaine, she was first. And after that – there’s not an unmodified staff member left in the house.”

“We’re… all ‘unsuitable?’” Suddenly the assistant gardener looked frightened. “But isn’t that dangerous?”

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    • Well as Patton (I think) said, you don’t win wars by dying for your country. You win by making the other poor SOB die for their country. Ah, Googled it and was close, “The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his.” And yeah, if they all realize (probably all quietly told by others like this rather than Enasshi blatantly making a point of it) that the baroness has picked them despite others judging them substandard, and not just picked them but treating all of them as gems of her collection… Some may be annoyed, some might be waiting for the catch, but I expect many of them see her as their rescuer.

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