Permission (More Luke being Awkward with Mike)

(this one comes before Luke’s Homework ( and after Luke Tries to Apologize..

Talking to Mike was somewhere between miserable and awful, but Luke did his best to pretend that nothing had changed. Mike didn’t want his apology; didn’t want to hear about it. Okay. Until he could figure out what he was supposed to say, then, he could pretend like nothing was wrong.

“Stop looming, Birdbrain, you’re going to curdle the paint.”

“That doesn’t even make any sense.”

“Neither does you lingering by the door like you’re trying to figure out ‘goth’ decades too late.”

“Thanks,” Luke muttered. “I figured out goth just fine.”

“Really? Now that I have to hear. Not now, though. What brings you here melting the finish on my doorframe?”

Luke actually found himself glancing at the doorframe — no. He was not quite that palpable about his discomfort. “I wanted to know if I could borrow a couple of your Students.”

“Luke, darling, if you want to get laid, there are less stressful ways, you know.”

“NOt for that!” He flapped irritably at Mike, who looked innocently back at him.

“No? I can’t imagine you sleeping with your own Students. ALl boys again this year, aren’t they?”

His wings twitched, but he didn’t let them flap. “Doug like the women warriors.”

“Mmm-hrmm. Quite a bit, from the looks of him & Ana — all right, all right.” Mike put up both hands in mock-surrender. “What do you want to borrow my Students for?”

“Couple things. Wanna ask some people about being Kept.”

“Well, that’s an interesting line of inquisition from you, Hawk.” She pointedly didn’t mention that she’d been Kept, of course.

“Yeah. Been… uh. I’ve been thinking.”

“You said. And I said I’d noticed.” She smirked at him. “So. Questions. And…?”

“And I want to take a field trip, and I want some other points of view.”

“You really have been thinking.”

“I said that.” He pulled his wings in tighter.

“Yeah, but… all right. Yes. As long as they’re willing, you have my permission. Who were you thinking?”

His wings didn’t get any less tight. “Denny.”

“…Denny?” Mike giggled. “Oh, definitely. I’d pay to see that. Do tell me what you learn, won’t you?”

“…of course. Thank you.” Luke fled before his pride could be damaged any further.

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