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This week on our 1870’s farmhouse, we’re demolishing the ceiling(s) of the bathroom!

The first thing to do was pull out all the old insulation – and junk – from the attic side.  After our homeowners (us) pulled out eight or nine garbage bags of old cellulose insulation…

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Originally posted April 15, 2013.  


It all began with the first of us, called, as was appropriate and due, the Alpha.

I never knew what other name the Alpha might have held, before this place, before Everything Else. But sometimes we called her Anna, or Angie, when we were being informal.

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Speaking of Magical dates…here is the Day of Magic in Fae Apoc!


In the world of the Faerie Apocalypse – Addergoole, Doomsday, etc. – there is something that is colloquially called The Blindness of the Gods, and something called a Mask.

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