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Lexember Day Three – Mama Bear

Mother Bear is our concept for today.

We’re going to start with bear, the actual word for it, which is nonggo

You can find this word in only a couple places in modern Bear or even in Old Bear: the Mountains in the far north were originally Nonggofa and now nonggofa means “northern cold” or “inhospitable and cold” or “angry and cold.”

The other place you can find it is in the name of the Mother Bear.


Prɘrta Nonggo, Mother Bear.  Neither of these words are used when talking to your actual mother or an actual bear; and actual bear would be called

Kruimjabrown-sharp, from kruimma (brown, obs., used only in formations now) and mimja, sharp

This is a way of describing things that are not sacred but near the sacred; that’s how even kruimma became a word not used directly. Now one says nuruw, which was once a word for dead leaves,

nurniew, leafs, and –nuruw, dead.


Prɘrta means, in closest translation, mother-est, the most mother, mother above all.  Your own mother would be Prer or prepre. 

This one came out kind of short.