Archive | February 4, 2019

Hidden Mall 55: Olly olly oxen free

“No shooting Abby!”  Liv-home put herself between Liv-Angry and Abby.  “None of that! She’s going to get you out of here.  You heard!”

“I – what?  Yeah, I’ll believe that when I see it but I wasn’t going to shoot Abby.”  Liv-angry was now more like Liv-befuddled. “No, you idiots. I wasn’t going to shoot her.  But think about being left here for weeks, months, all by yourself, in a place that appears to have been abandoned by giant rabbit-people!”

“You mean, like you were going to do to us?” Liv’s voice was dangerous, quiet.  “Yeah. I can imagine it all right. You’re not the only Liv whose Abby left her, you know.  Hell, last mall, we met a Vic whose Abby left her. Look, we’re not shooting ourselves or Abby or anyone else.” Continue reading