The Tinies of Dragons Next Door can be found here.  The Tinies are generally around 4-6″ at the tallest, usually shorter, and live in the walls of human (Big) and dweomer (humanoid fae, also Big) dwellings. 


“They’re called ‘microgreens.’”

Oka looked between her parents, trying to be defiant, feeling defensive, and looking nervous.

“We are – micro.”

Her hands were full of the seeds, which she had gotten when the Big whose house they shared had spilled her groceries.

Wud cleared her throat. “We are, but these are – we don’t grow, Oka.”

“Why not?”  The girl stuck out her chin.  “Didn’t you say  – I heard you – the place where the siding got a little crooked made the perfect window? And then Vis and you and Myf and me – an’ I – we fixed it up so that the rain wouldn’t come in or the cold, with that little piece of glass we found.  Right?  So we have a window.  We don’t have to go outside and risk critters and other things.”

As long as memory went back, Tinies had not gardened.  The animals of the world, even the bugs, were scaled far more to Bigs than to Tinies, making farming a far too dangerous activity.  They gleaned from the Bigs, always had.

“I found,” Oka set the seeds down very carefully and pulled, from her pack, a folded magazine page.  Unfolded, it filled the whole room. “This article on indoor gardening and micro-greens.  I think we could make fresh greens!”

Oka’s parents shared a look over their daughter’s head, around the bright magazine pictures.

“All right,” Wud conceded.  “Let’s read this article, shall we?  And then we can see what we can do about your micro-greens.”

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