Archive | July 29, 2019

Hidden Mall 77: Afterwards?

“Security office.” Abby nodded slowly.  “Right. Stick with the left hand rule? Anyone got paper to write down where we’re going?”

“Oh, I do!” 

While Liv rustled in her bag, Olly patted Abby’s shoulder.  “It wouldn’t be our home,” she murmured, “yours or mine. It might not even be a home.  And if this world’s Abby and Liv came back…”

“I know…” She did know, that was the thing.  She knew — but it would still be out. “It’s just…”

“Got it!” Liv produced a notebook with a magenta-and-lime unicorn on the front.  “Okay, here’s bed, bath, beyond, B-B-B, and then, oh no, Hot Topic… and we’re going this way and… all good!”

Abby found herself smiling.  Liv really was a good friend – a great friend.  It was hard to remember how close they’d been, back before they’d gotten trapped in an endless set of malls, but maybe that was just – just because they were both closer and strangely further apart now.  Continue reading