Climate Doodle

So SeaLemon has this August Doodle Challenge (Tumblr)

I mentioned I wanted to do a Worldbuilding challenge based on the doodle challenge. inventrix made me a modified list.

Day 2 is Climate. The climate of the world around Aerax (that’s an island with a center pinacle on top of a long tree trunk, not the Space Needle) is temperate, wet, and windy, especially up on the islands. (There’s a cactus on the other side because the original challenge was “cactus”, and also because over on the far side of the mountains, the weather is much dryer.)

Aerax and the sky islands are the setting of my Patreon serial The Expectant Wood.

(Day 3 is Seasonal food/fruit)

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  1. My first thought on the tall structure wasn’t the Space Needle, it was Christ the Redeemer, but it’s wrong for that too. How much do the islands sway in the wind? My grandfather used to work as a forest fire lookout, sitting on platforms built near the top of very tall trees. He said there was as much as six feet of sway at around 90-100 feet in the air. The altitude of the islands is much higher, though I also expect they’re much more rigid than a 100′ fir.

    • They definitely do sway a bit… and yeah, the stalks are a lot more rigid and have some built in air-vents to let the wind move through them instead of pushing them.

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