Federated Worlds

February’s Theme is Relationships! Questions in Text Form Here.

Welcome to Federated Worlds, a Worldbuilding /Conlang Challenge


  1. Don’t be an asshole.


  1. There is a bolded option on most days to use as a conlang theme; the question is for worldbuilding.
  2. Remember to use the #FediWorlds hashtag
  3. Do as many or as few as you want, mix and match between conlang and worldbuilding or do all of one or all of the other. Do as it suits you & as you can enjoy!
  4. Feel free to repost to any other site; use the tag #FediWorlds and, if you could, link back to www.lynthornealder.com/fediworlds/ and/or to ping.the-planet.space/@aldersprig
  5. Interact! Ask questions about other people’s answers! Get involved – just remember Rule 1.
  6. Have Fun!