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Weekend Blog with Patreon, Holidays, and more!

A two-day weekend feels rather short after a five-day “weekend”, but, on the other paw, I didn’t have to go anywhere all that far away, we didn’t have any major cooking (Barely any cooking at all!), and it turned out to be quite relaxing.

I got a new wobble stool for Black Friday (among other purchases), so this weekend, I tested it out, and found it fun, if a little surprising for my back and thighs for the first couple hours. Mobile computing! Or, at least, computing and being mobile at the same time! It’s actually a lot of fun.

We saw Fantastic Creatures this weekend, too, and that was fun, too; it’s not the most deep of movies, but it was visually beautiful, fun to watch, and has already got me spawning worlds of fic in my mind. I’ll call that worth the matinee ticket price.

Other than that — I wrote, we picked apples, we cleaned up the house a bit, hauled some firewood, and went out to lunch at our local Italian bar food restaurant (fish fry and enough Stromboli for three meals). We made cookies and the last of the turkey broth and… well, pretty much chilled. It was a peaceful weekend, and I’ll take it.

In other news, my Patreon has reached the $40 milestone again! I’m excited to get Nimbus out of the tree and see what adventures she gets up to next! (what, I’m supposed to know? I barely know how she’s getting out of the tree! <.<)

I’m contemplating doing a live-writing something sometime during my ~week plus~ work holiday at the end of December (a whole week! And then a Monday!) Details to follow, if there’s interest.

And if you haven’t checked out Selena Page yet, both the Hallowe’en and Christmas stories are available on Smashwords for free: https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/SelenaPage

Speaking of the holidays, Christmas is coming, I’ve finished my re/watch of the Librarians, and I’ve started watching Elementary, which might prove to be good knitting-tv (I hope so; I have a few projects to knit on relatively short deadlines!)

And Baking! I think I’m going to try making “fancy” cookies for my foodie aunt & uncle who are in ailing health. I can’t give them wine anymore… (not kindly) so cookies it is! Anyone have a favorite “Fancy” cookie recipe, holiday or otherwise?

I hope you, too, had a peaceful weekend, and that the week is fun and productive for you.

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Weekends, Links, and other fun things…


  • I got stung by a bee for the first time in my adult life the Sunday before this one.  The poor thing was probably just looking for something alive, considering the drought-ridden state of our yard.  Still, I’ve learned a) I’m still not allergic to bees (somewhat of a concern, as both my father & my maternal uncle had adult-onset of bee-sting allergies), b) there’s quite a range of non-allergy-based reactions to bee stings.  In this case, “where did my ankle bone go?”  It took about a week for the swelling to vanish — I have my foot back, finally! — and I am left with an itchy spot and a strong resolve to not get stung again.

  • I have gotten Thimbleful Thursday prompts scheduled out through the end of July 2018!  I wanted to make sure I had a year in the hopper after I, um, got distracted and forgot to post prompts from December through May.  I think I’m set, now.  I could ignore it for 2 years and it would still be there.

  • We are building a bed!  We bought a new mattress during July, going from a Queen (second-hand, 1000 years old) to a new foam California King (and when I put it “cali king,” I giggle every time) mattress.  Thus, need a new bedframe.  
    Because our bedroom is narrow and longish (7-½’ by 14-½’), we’re building a storage bed with drawer/carts coming out the long way — from the foot.  This is leading to a frame that looks something like an elongated E.  We’ve got the lumber; next stage… cutting!

  • You can make a Suicide Squad-style icon of yourself! Or, in my case, sort of a wishful-thinking self.

  • If you’re interested in paranormal romance, check out Selena Page.  I’ve beta-read both extant novellas, and there’s another one coming in August!

  • Cutthroat Kitchen fan?  Did you see this post from Jet Tila?

  • There’s still slots open — comment on Addergoole’s new site and get a ficlet in return.  Make the pretty new page look less lonely!

  • …I really gotta get around to renewing my DW subscription…

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