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Love Meme: Reid and Regine

The meme is here: Give me the names of two characters and I will tell you why character A loves character B.

Here is [personal profile] clare_dragonfly‘s third prompt. Reid and Regine are from Addergoole. This was a wee bit tricky~

Reid and Regine

For all of her noble quest to show the value of half-bloods, when Reid met Regine, she still had many of the prejudices of the pure-blooded.

Reid had been dealing with those prejudices for nearly as long as Regine had been having them. He found them irritating on a good day, angering on a bad day, and on his worst days, they tempted him into shouting.

She had a good project, a good plan, and a good point, so he set his jaw and joined her program, and that would have been it – a carefully polite working relationship, line drawn and never budged, colleagues and nothing more.

Except one of those bad days happened through no fault of Regine’s.

There was a phone call. It was a long-distance call, and such things were expensive. It was quiet, it was intense, and nobody but Reid heard it.

And that would’ve been it. He had long experience not blowing his lid, not showing his anger, but Regine chose that day, that exact time when he had just hung up, to ask/demand something in her particularly Grigori way.

And Reid exploded. He snarled and shouted and swore, all of it bloody with the rage that was his birthright and name-right, and informed Regine in no uncertain terms that if she had hired an expert in Mind Workings than she damn well ought to respect his expertise.

And Regine, in a move unprecedented for her, bowed her head and very humbly apologized. And then – and this might have been the kicker – she asked Reid if he would show her the Working she’d been asking about.

It wasn’t a Magic Moment. It didn’t change her forever. But it did allow Reid to talk to her as a colleague and, sometimes, as a friend, and that, in the end, helped more than anything else.

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beside the point

It had been sixteen years since the world began falling apart. Most of their students could barely remember the world before the end – if they had even been alive.

Luke had been doing quite a bit of yelling at Regine over the last decade and a half, so when it came time for this conversation, Reid and Laurel took point. They let themselves into their boss’s office and waited, patient but implacable, until she acknowledged them.

Laurel started. “Since the Gods’ War, we’ve been seeing more kids either staying in the Village after graduation or leaving their children there.”

“Yes.” Regine nodded. “That is what the Village and the creche are for.”

“The Village is an option, Director. Not the option.”

“It’s safe and comfortable.” They had not yet gotten her attention. Laurel raised an eyebrow at Reid.

“You either need to get rid of power and running water in the school and most of the Village, or you need to provide the students with the resources and aid to set those things up in settlements of their choice out in the world.” He had a good no-nonsense voice, Reid did. It made Regine raise an eyebrow.

“I am not interested in the world outside and neither is Addergoole as an institution.”

“Bullshit.” Laurel could be polite if she chose, but at the moment, being rude suited her better. “This school was built to save the world.”

“It was built to save fae. I do recall, I was there.”

“You’re splitting hairs, Regine.” Only Reid could pull off scolding like that. “As you yourself have told me, fae needed to be saved to save humanity.”

Regine sighed. “It puts them in danger. They are safe here.”

“They’re stagnant,” Laurel countered. “You’re raising an entire generation of children who will care not one bit for the outside world. They’ll be insular, and with each following generation, they’ll only get more so.”

“The Council was insular,” Reid followed. “And they have failed and fallen. You can’t take the children out of the world, Regine.”

“The world needs them.” Laurel folded her hands in front of her and waited.

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Friend to Friend, a drabble of Addergoole for @Kissofjudas

Sometime after year 30 of the school but before year 45.

“If anyone should know, Luca…”

This was by a long stretch not the conversation that Reid wanted to be having right now. It wasn’t a conversation he wanted to be having ever.

But it was the conversation he was having.

Mostly, he was trying to have a conversation, and Luca was growling at him.

“If it was Caitlin…”

“If it was Caitlin, I would wish you the best of luck and possibly offer you some armour. My daughter is a tough nut to crack, Luca, and with her twin in tow, you would need all of your Mara endurance to survive. But it’s not my daughter we’re talking about. Nor is it yours.”

“My daughter isn’t old enough.”

“I think we both know that’s not the point, Luca. That aside… this is Mystral we are speaking of. The daughter of one of your former students.”

“And one of my former students herself.”

“As Nyx was mine.” Reid was not a snarly sort of guy, but right now he wanted to snarl back at the stubborn, rock-headed Mara.

“Nyx wasn’t the child of a student.”

“No.” It was getting harder and harder to not snap. “Perhaps I am a little bit quicker about this than you are, Luca. And, considering that your daughter almost is old enough… perhaps you should learn how to be a bit faster.”

That got a wing flap and a frustrated noise. But Reid knew he was getting through. “You. You and Mike and ‘Fina…”

“And everyone else, I’m sure. Luca. We want to see you happy, that’s all.”

“I’l talk to her.”

“Good.” Reid let out a breath. A tetchy Mara made the whole school anxious, and Luca had been tetchy for far too many years. “Good, Luke. You need it.”

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Way Back Wednesday: Akatil Yixox

Early 1970’s

Reid found the goblin who was dubiously named Akatil Yixox where he’d expected to find him – miles deep inside the machinery, tinkering.


“Reid.” The tiny man pushed his goggles onto the top of his head. “I’m working.”

“I got an offer. And it includes both of us.” He paused. “Mo made the offer, actually.”

“You’re obviously going to take it.”

“It’s got a lot of merit. And it involves teaching.”

“And you want me to come along.”

“They don’t have a good Unutu guy.” Reid could barely say the word. “And, besides, you owe me seventeen and one-half favors.”

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