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Love Meme: Rosaria and Willard

The meme is here: Give me the names of two characters and I will tell you why character A loves character B.

Here is [personal profile] kelkyag‘s second prompt. Rosaria and Willard are from the Aunt Family, as per the tree below.

Rosaria and Willard

Rosaria had brothers. She had sons, she had a father. She had had, for a while, a husband, although that seemed like a very long time ago.

So when she tried on “I love him like this,” like a father, like a brother, like a son, she knew of what she was speaking. And none of them quite fit.

She had other nephews, too, and she could not say that she felt for any of them what she felt for Willard. Willard was – he was different, and not just because of the spark. He was important, and not just because the family had severed him from their embrace and their power. He was her friend, and that… that was what had saved them.

“He should be gone from you,” Elenora had complained. Elenora was the sort that would complain about that. “He is gone from the family, and yet I can see you’re still writing to him. You’re still pining over him.”

“He’s gone as my nephew.” She lifted her chin and glared at Elenora, glared at her Aunt, at the Aunt and dared her to challenge that. My nephew sounded strange when she was still so young, but that was what he had been, and in their family, that was a special bond. “You severed that. But he was my friend. And he is still my friend. He will always be that, no matter how far away he is.”

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Journals of Loss, a story of the Aunt Family for Patreon

Rosaria and Willard kept journals when he left the family. This story covers the beginnings of those journals: anger, fear, and loss.

I told Rosie I’d write down my experiences, but it’s been three days since I left the family formally, and this is the first time I’ve been able to stand putting pen to paper.

It is still unpleasant to think about, much less to analyze, but the knowledge is rare, even if the situation is unpleasant. When people leave the family – which happens so rarely Rosie and I could think of only two – they do not normally leave behind notes on their departure….

(read on…)

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