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Grocery Bags! (an Alter-Sprig blog post)

While I was looking up how to, and then proceeding with, washing my reusable shopping bags, or at least the portion of them currently in circulation (they accumulate, like single socks, or shopping trolleys at the bottom of a steep hill…), my husband kindly suggested that the reasonable thing to do would be to make some. 

I grabbed this idea with both hands and both feet and ran with it (sort of a stumbling run, since I was holding onto that idea…)

So, things I want in reusable shopping bags:

* Washability (since that is what started this whole thing) – I want it to be washable and then look decent afterwards.  And I want it to be throw-in-washer washable, not something fussy. 

* Durability – able to stand up to the sort of shopping run where we get 2 bags each of flour, white sugar, brown sugar, & confectioner’s sugar. And then other stuff. 

* Size – not so big as to be unwieldy, either for me or for the cashiers loading the thing, but big enough to hold an 18-pack of eggs without tipping, or a rotisserie chicken, or that flour & sugar mentioned above.

* Nice – Why bother making something like this if I don’t like the way it looks? No more feeling awkward because half my bags advertise either a liquor/wine/beer place or a business I barely remember giving me the bag. 

* Pocket –  super useful for keys when I don’t have a purse or pockets on me.

* Foldable/packable – one of the things I really like about the store-bought reusable bags is how they fold back down into a nice flat package (at least until they get too rumpled or they’re washed or..)  Some of the good ones have the fold line on the sides pressed in & sometimes even sewn in; not sure I’ll go as far as sewing it in, but it would probably help. Maybe I’ll try it on one. 


Since none of the patterns were everything I wanted, I drafted my own pattern. 

Webbing handles that go all the way around, doubled on the bottom. 

A double layer of fabric on the bottom, with interfacing in between.

A pocket of something I have around the house sewn in between/under the webbing handles on each side, or at least on one side, depending on fabric scraps. 

The bag itself made from mediumweight cotton duck. 

Now… I need to find a place to mail me canvas where the shipping isn’t as much as the product. 

Please note: The below is a planning pattern that I have not tested yet at all.

The idea is to get two bags on one yard of fabric (or one bag on a 1/2 yard).  There’s some left over,  if it’s the 67″ wide stuff from the place I liked a lot until I read their shipping prices, so I may make a tote to hold the folded bags.

[Altersprig]: My first complete Ana White pattern!

I’ve been admiring Ana White‘s blog/how-to site for a while now. She breaks carpentry-based DIY and knock-off decor down to a very accessible level, and, even though I grew up with basic carpentry, I didn’t grow up following carpentry PLANS, so I really do appreciate this.

So when I looked at my pile of tiny and small art and looked at the wall in my girl cave, I thought a-ha! I bet Ana White has a plan for this!

And she did! $10 Ledges. I went a bit smaller and cut the length into 3 equal pieces – 3″ boards instead of 4″, because it’s a very small room. The lumber cost me $15, the paint is the same as the rest of the room, and glue and screws were around the house.

Dad actually helped me put them together and Mom helped me paint them when they were up this summer. And then, finally, a couple weekends ago, I put them on my walls and started playing with pictures.

…at which point I found out that Zazzle postcards are not quite right for 4×6 frames, sigh.

Not much shows in this picture, but the “L” is by [personal profile] kelkyag, the mermaids are by [personal profile] ellenmillion, the tiny picture is a drawing of Death that [personal profile] kissofjudas bought me, and the postcard is of Mackinac Bridge, from a family trip in my pre-teens.

(I collect postcards 😉

Next up: I bought two shelf brackets from Lee Valley to put a broader shelf on the other wall. Dictionaries and books I’m published in!

(I also collect dictionaries!)


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