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Blog Post: Catching Up

Well!  I haven’t done a what’s-Lyn-Doing blog post in quite a while!  Boring life, ey?

(I suppose after a summer of MRIs, spinal taps, blood draws, funerals, babies (other people’s) and major home renovation, anything would seem a little boring).

So, what have I been up to?  What have YOU been up to?


Knitting, knitting, knitting.  I knit my mom and dad each scarflets for Christmas, knit a sleeveless jacket and a hat for Eclipse Viking Baby Capriox. I joined a knit-a-long and am working very slowly on a large asymmetrical triangular shawl, and I am almost done with Secret Project One and about to start on Secret Project Two.  Winter is good for knitting!


We were 1/2 of the way through installing new under-cabinet/over-sink LED motion-activated-switch lights 2 weekends ago – and then we realized we had no 1/2″ drill bit. *facepalm*  So now we have a bit and it’s too cold to go out to the garage. Soon!  Then the dishes and our new sink and awesome new faucet – and dishwasher! (it was a busy summer)- will be illuminated.

Oh, and we got a door and a front wall of sorts on the bathroom before we had company overnight back in the beginning of December.  And half the ceiling.  Maybe we’ll get the other half of the ceiling done tomorrow!


I live!  I have new drugs which are jabbity once every two weeks and sort of make me feel like crap for a little bit afterwards.  But they should, ah, stop a repeat of this summer, hopefully! (The bad part with the big needles, not the good part with the home renovations).


I think the weather is trying to kill us.

I mean, I live on the North Coast; that’s kind of a given.

Yesterday it dropped /twenty degrees F/ in /two hours/.  And then is continuing to drop steadily an average of 1 degree an hour from 5 pm yesterday until about sunrise tomorrow.

Thursday and Friday the high was in the fifties F.  Today it’s 11.

How about you?

Keeping warm? Crafting? Writing? Arting? Healthy? Homed? Continue reading

New Project in Queue: Ten Dollar ($15.51) Ledges

I’m redoing my cave, I might have mentioned.

And in doing so, I wanted to do something with the pile of very small (art-card size and up) flat art I’ve accumulated over the years.

I finally decided on picture ledges after a bit of googling, and, having done that, said to myself, “Hey, doesn’t Ana White have a pattern for that?”

Ana White has a pattern for everything. She’s this DIY guru who puts together easy-to-understand patterns for furniture. Much of what she does is knockoffs of high-end catalog stuff.

And she happens to have a Ten-Dollar Ledge plan!

So I’m gonna make three 32″ ledges!

My lumber cost me $15.51 after discount and tax, so I guess there’s been a bit of inflation. But still! Compared to the price of a single shelf anywhere…!

Now, of course, I’m gonna have more shelf than I have small art – so, where can I buy art* that fit in frames 6×8″ or smaller?

* Like, from independent crowdfunded artists, not posters.com or such.

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