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Tootplanet 7-10-1: Another Viewpoint

Or-en-al-en was not sure what had happened to reno life.

One moment, ren had been working in the forest, seeking out the best fronds for a rug-weaving, reno specialty.  The next moment, ren had been nearly killed by a death-thing from the sky!

That had been nearly an entire sun cycle past.

Now ren spent all of reno time talking to the Smartest Ones, the Ladies, or, might the depths protect ren, the Highest.

And yet there was still nothing ren could tell any of them, and reno rugs were unwoven and reno home was unsoftened.

Ren found that more and more, ren wished the brightness of death-fire, only, on the hyu-men who had sent this death-thing.

Except on the days of the full blue moon, when all stood in the center of town and spoke.  Then, the ones who were most lovely wished to speak to Or-en-al-en, because ren spoke to the Ladies.  

Then, ren thought the death-thing might not have been so awful.



Tootplanet: Another Viewpoint

Star Log, Sec. 7, Sub. 10 — another viewpoint

Or-en-al-en studied the death-thing unfolded in front of ren. It was not offering any threat & its smells were neutral, but it had fallen with great force and damaged the ground-fronds. If there had been a person standing there, or a drag-beast…!

The death-thing unfolded slowly and hissed and clacked.  It repeated its hisses in several other tones.  Or-en-al-en hissed back at it, attempting to imitate its tone.  Was it threatening ren?  Was it offering proposition (the same thing, from a death-thing).  

The death-thing splurtled.  “Greetings.”

Or-en-al-en jumped backwards.

Or-en-al-en continued

It had been a half-red-moon and a full-blue-moon since Or-en-al-en had found the death-thing.  Ren had taken it to the Smart Ones & they in turn had taken it to the Smartest Ones & they, in turn, had taken it to the Ladies.

The Ladies had spoken to the death-thing and it had spoken back.  It was from hyu-men, from Eff-Es-Es-An-Je-loo, from Fed-ray-shun.  It explained that it was here to say hello.

Why it was a death thing to say hello, nobody could agree.  Perhaps this Fed-ray-shun wished a war?

The Ladies had decided it was not time for war. Yet. Or-en-al-en was beginning to wish ren had ignored the death-thing.




Tootplanet: Captain’s Log

Star Log, Sec. 7, Sub. 10

We came upon a planet that was clearly unfit for humanoid life: not nearly enough oxygen, far too much helium, and too cold in many parts.  And yet on its surface we saw what looked like signs of habitation: cities, or at the very least groupings of twisting towers like unicorn horns piercing the sky. The oceans, such as they were, showed flotillas of what we could only call sideways horns.  The forests were blue-and-white, but something about the swaying frond-like plants and the long tapering sticks said forest nonetheless.

We sent down our politest greeting probe.