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Explorer’s Log Planet 8-11-3

Explorer Log 8-11-3

The good news is: we landed on a sunny day, in an area the radar had shown to be calm.

The bad news is: It started raining the day after we landed.  It rained for ten days straight.

It’s day 11 now, and we’re beginning to dry out and make plans for this place.  Water won’t be a problem, that’s for sure.

Not sure about growing things, though; this area appears to grow mainly grains that don’t mind being flooded.

Planetary Day 55

As far as we have been able to tell, the weather here seems to come in cycles of 10:1.  That is, 10 rain to 1 day of sun.

The sun days are blessed and pleasant and even comfortable; we’ve been spending most of them developing a series of connected roofed shelters with walls to the windward side.

With these, we can move between the paddies that we’ve created, the two habitats, and our science bays.

Anywhere else, we’re going to need to develop some sort of mobile rain shelter.

Tootplanet Captain’s Logs Sector 8, Subsector 11

Star Log Sec8 Sub11-1

We are past the “bear’s” reach for sure now, and we are out of the garden, too.

This planet looked, on first glance, to be almost entirely lava.

Looking at it more carefully, maybe 1/3 of the land surface is covered in active vulcanism, with an equal amount of the water looking like it will be very hot land soon.

One high area shaped like a horseshoe boasts lush greenery, fantastic elephant-sized birds, and a reservoir of water 100s of feet above sea level.

We are still debating sending down a team.

Star Log Sec8 Sub11-2

I think we found a lost colony.

Nobody expected us to find one way out here, and I suppose it could be a case of parallel evolution, but everything – the bilateral symmetry, bipedalism, range of melanin – is too similar to the humanoid base to be a coincidence

They appear to be at the late Industrial Age and have no space travel, but fragments of a much higher technology level can be seen.

The planet itself is idyllic, 85% water, most land masses in tolerable climates.  But we found settlements on the one polar land mass, as well as on the top of mountains.

We sent several greeting probes, guessing at political divisions.  This one will bear watching.

Star Log Sec8 Sub11-3

We came on this planet in the middle of a massive storm system in its northern hemisphere – eastern side.  It looked like it was devastating the coast – but it also looked like there was nothing on that coast except rock which had, presumably, been hit by hurricanes in the past.

The Western hemisphere was rather calm, although the southern/western quadrasphere appeared to be in the midst of a blizzard on its largest landmass.

Inclement weather aside, this place has large land masses connected by small strings of islands and narrow land bridges.  We went down a team to the north/western quadrasphere.

Planet 8-11-3