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A Fae Apoc story prompted by @SkySailor.  Set in the post-apoc of Fae Apoc. 


“Excuse me?  Excuse me, I’m looking for an expert?”

He looked like nothing you’d stop to look twice at, and most people didn’t even bother with looking once.  He was weedy, small, underfed. Fifteen years after the collapse of most of the world, he looked like – well, like it was a miracle he was still alive.

Nobody worried about him.

“What sort of expert, son?  We’ve got all sorts here.” The aging professor had not been quite so aging when the school had stopped being quite the same institution he’d been hired by.  Tenure was, however, tenure, and there weren’t that many universities hiring Labor Economics professors in this day and age.

Not when they were more worried with the simple economics of laboring enough to survive. Continue reading

Out There

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The park was quiet.

When the world had first fallen to shit, a lot of people had gone to hide out in the parks.  The theory, Andor figured, was that since all the gods were hanging out in the cities, parks – the more rural the better – were the safest places to be.

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