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Kitty Kitty Neko?

A sequel to a feral cat-girl and Here, Kitty, Kitty

“Easy, easy, shit, easy.” Luke almost lost his hold on the girl as she did her best to scramble out of his hands, over him, and onto the dog-boy. Or, at least, he was pretty sure that’s where she was going. Mike, on the other hand, shouted a Working so fast that his words blurred together and so loudly they might have heard it back at Addergoole, and the dog-boy fell asleep.

Almost abashed, Luke remembered he could do Workings, and, in a much quieter, much more soothing tone, did a Calm Down working on the cat-girl. “Easy, easy. Okay. There.” She was looking at him, sleepy now but definitely calm. “Okay. So, do you understand me?”

She shook her head no. Luke managed not to laugh in her face.

“Do you have a name?”

She had to think about that. After a moment, she offered “Cat.”

“Well, that’s a label, at least. Hello, Cat. I’m Luke.”

“Loooo-kuh,” she tried, and nodded. “Luke.” The second time, it sounded almost an echo of how he’d said it.

“This place, it’s not safe. There’s-”

“Bad things,” she agreed, and then a string of something that Luke only belatedly recognized as Japanese.

He peered at her. Blondish, maybe, under all the dirt. Had Leo passed through here recently? Would have to ask.

“Easy, easy. My Japanese is pretty rusty. If you come with us, we can find you a safe place to stay.”


“He’s going to have to come too. Sorry.”

“Dog good,” she nodded. “Better than -” she hesitated, and then offered uncertainly, “-the bad things.”

“Well, that’s an endorsement all right. Come with me, then, Cat?”

She nodded. Hesitantly, Luke released one of her wrists.

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Feral Kitties, a continuation for Tír na Cali.

After Kitties and Fancy-Dressed Kitties

Rrian, the new assistant gardener for Lady Enasshi, found himself spending his off time looking at the other slaves on the estate.

Helena, the chatelaine, had a very subtle mod – she had cat eyes and slightly pointed, slightly tufted ears, and a slight change in the way she walked. To look at her move around the estate, you’d have thought she had been raised from day one to be a fine lady’s chatelaine.

And maybe she had, Rrian reminded himself. Not all moddies were made or raised by the Agency, the way he had.

Tabitha, the assistant chef, definitely had been. The way she handled a knife was terrifying. The way she looked at Rrian – now that was something.

He let her stalk him into the rear garden when he was off-duty, leaving enough of a trail that even a full human might have been able to find him. She didn’t need it. But he wanted to be sure she knew he was aiming to be followed.

She caught him by the fountain of Enasshi’s royal ancestor Tertia, pounced on him and knocked him to the ground. Rrian looked up at her and smiled.

“You were Agency,” she accused. She sniffed the sides of his neck. He bared his neck to her, because she was sharp.

“So were you.” He grinned at her, all sharp teeth. “And here we are.”

She settled back on her heels, straddling his thighs, looking at him. “So what do we do now?”

“Well… According to what the head gardener, the chatelaine, and our Lady herself has told me… on our time off? Anything we want.”

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After Long Sleep, a story of fae apoc for the giraffe call

Aster couldn’t remember the last time she had been awake.

There had been that misunderstanding with the – oh, whoever they’d been – and there had been a stake and a crossroads and far too much stone, and so she’d slept. They’d dig her up again. They always did.

The Eperu Working shook her coffin out of the ground, and the Kwxe Working broke the coffin into bits, and it was only then that the team of fae workers, tearing up the roads for new construction, noticed Aster standing there.

She stretched. It was good to be standing in the air again. “Hello, boys.” She waved, although none of their faces were familiar. “Miss me?”

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New Year’s Prompt Story 1: Chrysalis

3rd Generation; Phanessa is Eriko’s grandkid

Corbet wasn’t sure what to do when his Kept went into the closet after dinner and didn’t come out.

He’d been trying to be good to her, but Phanessa was from a protective enclave and even Addergoole was a bit rough for her fragile self. So he let her stay there, thinking she wanted some privacy.

When she hadn’t come out by bedtime, he peeked – only to find her wrapped in some sort of hard cocoon.

By the time she emerged – late in October – he’d given up on ever having a proper Kept and made other arrangements for his second child.

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One Hundred Eight Roses

Last night, I asked on twitter for 100-word-fiction prompts. This one is from @AlphaRaposa).

Eight p.m. on a Tuesday was not when Semele expected a knock on her door, but she opened it anyway. “Jarah, I thought we agreed…. What?”

“One hundred eight white roses, delivery for Semele cy’Sakamoto.” She could barely see the Store’s delivery-ogre over the piles of roses, but he sounded like he was laughing at her. “From Jarah cy’Pelletier, surprise, surprise.”

“Jarah sent me a hundred roses?” Semele glanced at the calendar. “Can’t even pretend it’s an anniversary.”

“One hundred and eight.” Definitely laughing. “Do you accept?”

“What am I going to do with…?”

“Do. You. Accept?”


“Heh. Congratulations.”

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