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The Bellamy, Chapter 29


“So we’re nearly to the skeleton room now, which means I suppose I should leave you to your work.”  Amanana patted Veronika’s shoulder. “You’ve done very well so far today, from everything I’ve seen, and everything you’ve told me.  Don’t let anyone bully you into thinking differently, and don’t let them bully you into backing down about the things you’re angry about, all right?

“I’ll do my best.” Veronika was torn between being warmed and being amused by Amanana’s protective routine. “I’ve been doing all right so far, I think, on that front.” Continue reading

It’s Only Forever, Not that Long at All

Originally posted on Patreon in Nov 2019 and part of the Great Patreon Crossposting to WordPress.

It's Only Forever - Not that Long At All - The Great NanoWrimo prompt Call

This one was a blast that sort of ran away from me and yes, it’s sort of the beginning of a story, sorry, Kelkyag. 💙

Also a  new universe, as far as I know.

It was supposed to be unwise. It was supposed to be dangerous, deadly.

But Lara always stopped for strangers on the side of the road — hitchhikers, people with broken-down cars, accidents, once someone who turned out to be suffering from dementia and more than a little lost.

Her mother had always done the same. Her mother had always done the same. Her father had done so in WWI and come back home with two boyfriends and a girlfriend. That had taken some careful paperwork and some fast talking, back then.

Lara had yet to come up with anything remotely that interesting, but she’d made some good friends, stopped a serial killer, and, once, gotten a reward.
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