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February Theme Poll Complete

The poll has spoken!  Friendship is not only magic, it will be the theme of February’s Patreon!


I’m looking forward to some fun prompts for this month.

If you have some good ideas, now is a great time to wander over and join up at the $5 “To-do-list” level (where you get to sneak ideas onto my to-do list) or higher; since I’m about to go fix a broken pipe, might be a good time for the “toolbox and recipe box” level and since I’m on a map kick, you might enjoy the Map Case tier.

Too much?  Enjoy all the stories at the $1 level!

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February Patreon Theme Poll

Patreon Theme Poll Results

The poll is closed, and below are the results!  I’m a little surprised to see Bear Empire won, but this will be interesting!

Bear Empire is the home of Deline and Carrone.  It is also, many centuries later, the home of my cyberpunk-esque-fantasy romance story Found Down Below.  I’ve been working on a conlang for it as well.

Below are all the results.  Thank you very much to everyone who voted! Continue reading

Links for the Poll

There’s this poll Here, and it might be easier to answer if the links were available for the stories. Thanks to Kelkyag for many of the links, for cleaning up the order, and for commenting. 

  • Where It All Began – the Zeroth Cohort in Addergoole: Where It All Began (Adg)
  • The Princess and the Tallest Tower: Introduction (new, standalone)
  • Return to Sender/Old Debts and Old Favors***: No posted text yet, see concept image (unknown ‘verse; might be FaeApoc)
  • Catbois in Cages: Catboys in Cages and Continued (FaeApoc, new)

Potentials Suggested But Not On the Poll:



Adg: Addergoole
AF: Aunt Family
DnD: Dragons Next Door
R&G: Rin and Girey, the first and longest-running story of Reiassan
TUn: Things Unspoken
UF: Unicorn/Factory

Fae Apoc, Stranded, and Reiassan are their own universes