Archive | November 9, 2008

Sex in Addergoole

So, this – Addergoole – was supposed to be sort of an erotic story, and I really do think it will get there eventually, but it’s taking its sweet time, isn’t it?

Unpaid accounts don’t come with polls (and I already have one paid account, so I’m can’t really afford a second one)), so you’ll have to answer the old-fashioned way 😉

We’re currently in Set IV, Chapter 7-9.

Do you think there should be sex between:
Shahin and Emrys
Shahin and Ambrus
Shahin and Yngvi
Shahin and Aelgifu
Aelgifu and Yngvi

Kailani and Taro
Kailani and Conrad
Kailani and Vlad
Mabina and Cassidy

Ty and Jamian
Ty and someone else
Jamian and someone else
(in all three cases, with Ty and/or Jamian as the “boy” or as the “girl?”)

Should it happen:
In this set
In the next set
A good long time from now
Jeez, three chapters ago!


~ Lissa