Sex in Addergoole

So, this – Addergoole – was supposed to be sort of an erotic story, and I really do think it will get there eventually, but it’s taking its sweet time, isn’t it?

Unpaid accounts don’t come with polls (and I already have one paid account, so I’m can’t really afford a second one)), so you’ll have to answer the old-fashioned way 😉

We’re currently in Set IV, Chapter 7-9.

Do you think there should be sex between:
Shahin and Emrys
Shahin and Ambrus
Shahin and Yngvi
Shahin and Aelgifu
Aelgifu and Yngvi

Kailani and Taro
Kailani and Conrad
Kailani and Vlad
Mabina and Cassidy

Ty and Jamian
Ty and someone else
Jamian and someone else
(in all three cases, with Ty and/or Jamian as the “boy” or as the “girl?”)

Should it happen:
In this set
In the next set
A good long time from now
Jeez, three chapters ago!


~ Lissa

0 thoughts on “Sex in Addergoole

  1. I agree on Shahin and Emrys. Kailani and Taro, only if she doesn’t really like it and starts to get clued in about his personality. You can learn a lot about someone and how self-centered they are in such situations. I root for Conrad, but you know that. And frankly, Ty and Jamian shoudl try all possible combinations. Although I think that they, at least, should wait because Jamian is not in a place, mentally, for that. But some close dancing could be fun. And since Jamian is currently more comfortable as a guy, that makes sense to me. I think Emrys is impulsive enough to try something at or just after the dance, and Shahin could be manipulated into going along with it. She could then come home to Aelgifu and a girl… And Mabina and Cassidy are clearly having sex… Not sure if Taro would try at the dance, but he’s definitely pushing things, so that would make sense.

    • *grins* but Mabina and Cassidy could have sex on-screen… 😉 She doesn’t share a room with Ayla. But it might be interesting to see Ayla had off with a girl.

      • Ayla is around so much I forget they aren’t roomies. I’m sure she can see the other girl heading off into her room with a visitor… And Mabina and Cassid could have sex on screen. Though they’d have to work around her belly…

      • Ambrus is already in a relationship. So I, at least, will not see him as a valid partner for Shahin. You know how my mind works. Shahin deserves someone who can give her their full attention, not leftovers from someone else. Plus, Emrys is more my type.

        • He’s a possession; it’s kind of different from being in a relationship. but I understand. Yeah. Ambrus is so more my type 😉

          • Hey, it is your story! Ambrus is just so tied to Regine… I can’t see him having enough time or energy to be with someone else. A quick fling, sure. But not somethign longer-term. Which is not to say he wouldn’t try, and they wouldn’t have that fling. I just don’t see it as believable… But then that’s me. *grins*

              • you also have working against empathy for him the facts that a} hes part of the system and thus “evil” b} hes much older and thus a “pedophile” and c} much more powerfull and thus “takeing advantage” . the people willing to over look any or all of thouse are also likly to be rooting for emrys because hes “cool”

                • Hrmm. I can entirely agree with a. As far as b… hrm. Probably. Though he’s described as mid-twenties. And what has he shown in terms of power?

                  • He can watch students over the secret camera system. That is a pretty powerful thing. He gets power from Regine. Definitely part of the system. And mid-twenties feels too old for “high school-ish” student. Emrys is more cool. And we have not seen that there is no affection between them… and I’d still think he is too tied up with Regine.

                    • Mmm. Hrumm. *grins* Suddenly I have a plan for a fourth protagonist, maybe Book II.. *rubs hands together in glee* Someone who wants to “rescue” Ambrus.

                    • Oh Lolz! That’s brilliant. It solves the whole thing – you get to play with Ambrus, we get to root for Emrys… and someone else does the stupid of challenging Regine. Yay!

                    • *grins* Thank you. But, gods and goddesses(*), is that a long way off. And would it be another new class, or another Fifth cohort student, or someone who had been there longer? (*) I nearly typed “gods below,” which has become the Cali version of “Jesus H. Christ.” Why Cali has below gods, I have yet to figure out.

                    • Erm, Cali is sort of like earth turned upsidedown? Cali are the people under the hills, so they worship the things even deeper down, while the people of the surface worhip things even higher up? Yes, a long way off, but still neat. And we could see that person at the dance – they could try to make a move on Ambrus, and distract him long enough for Emrys to get Shahin alone. As for Fifth cohort or not, that’s hard. One the one hand, you would think that no one but a Fifth Cohort woudl try to challenge Regine – it’s a very stupid thign to do, and only somone who has no rule of the actual Laws woudl try it. On the other hand, I htink an older student, one who knows a bit more, might have figured out how to beat the system (or think they have…)

                    • *rubs hands together with glee* Mmm. So what is this person like? What are we missing, in Shahin/Kailani/Jamian, that we can have in this predatory person?

                    • Preadaoty-ness? None of those three are… Shahin is the closest. Also, this person, if they are older, can do a bit of info-dumping. While plotting against Regine, they could reveal bits of the Laws to the reader that your characters don’t know. Which is neat. We’d also get someone who really wants a relationship. Your main three are so busy staring around at the rabit-hole that they aren’t really in a place where they want a relationship (it’s kinda low on the priorities after “What the hell is going on?”). This person is either overly confident, and ready to just make an open move, or is very, very, sneaky. Someone plotting and planning is a definite change of pace from the others who are busy trying to solve the puzzle of Addergoole. As for looks, I’d have this person have very pale skin and hair that could be mistaken for black if you saw it in low-light, like the dance. Ambrus seems to like that coloring, so play on that. Oh, maybe dark wine-red hair, or something deep blue. I’m rambling now, I’ll stop.

                    • Mmmm. Something to differentiate him/her from the “family” would probably be good. A distinct mark of the Change (Something none of the three really have)… ooh, I like the wine-red hair. Ramble away!

                    • Oh, that could be fun. A very visible difference…. I’d love it not to be too visible, so that Ambrus at least turns and looks at the wrong girl at the dance. You can have fun with horns, or a tail. Or both? Tail under the dress? hrm, too much like a succubus, perhaps.

                    • I did? (not doubting you. Have bad memory) I think to do that we’d have to agree what we meant by Nathaniel-ish. 😉 A hunter?

                    • natheneil = my avatar. of course who and what that is is subject to change for each setting. you mentioned at one point you thought it would be interesting/ amuseing to have him in addergoole but you couldnt figure out how to do it without haveing explosions.

                    • buy him of, little nathaniel was happy with a gweneth. maybe as an occasional instructer. doinging what my histoery teacher thinks the lillte nathaneil might be doing.

                    • Manipulative, projective-empath career pet who will appear perpetually 19 and beautiful and is eager to please and inherently rather submissive?

                    • Well then, have fun with Succubi. Sounds fun to me – wine red hair, plae skin, delicate little horns, and some sort of tail… Unlike Regine, she would not have a lack of emotion.

                    • Mmm. There is the halfbreed problem, but I could work around that. This woman sounds like Telacia nic Tammur from Cali.

                    • Yeah, I had a lot of catching up to do – you were productive while I was off being professional. It was fun to come home to lots of reading.

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