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          • *nods* I tend to switch between the two. Sometimes you need to plan things, other times you need to write. When I finish this novel (and I will, it may just take more time than I want) I will have to sit down and poke the world hard, I think.

            • (Hee! Dragon!) Yeah, all the poking I have to do with Addergoole later on makes me more hesitant about organic world-building.

              • *nods* I do not anticipate it being very fun. But I think I have the beginnings of how to solve a few things. I’m still pondering, and hope to get back to writing next week. Dragon! Faswyth looks rather happy – I suspect he is lecturing someone.

                • *giggle* yay dragons! I am putting off SOOO much worldbuilding for Reiassan. Autumn looks thrilled. Did you see Jamian?

                    • That’s right, we had that conversation! Yeah. My next step with Reiassan is a timeline of technology. That’s kind of terrifying.

                    • Good luck! I need to do a better job on the history and magic. The technology is mostly at a medieval level, and while gnomes may change that quickly, their work is not totally reliable. Plus I don’t intend to write in a far-future of this place.

                    • Even not writing a far-future, I need to know where there are, equiv. to Terran history, where their magic has buffed them and where it’s held them back. History would help, too. I think they have long dynastic periods marked by a single Emperor/Empress.

                    • *nods* That all makes sense. I do need to think about the history of my little kingdom, though it is rather short (200 years or so) and does not seem to involve kings…

                    • Yes, I know! It wants to be called the Kingdom of the Mystical Mountains, but I’m not sure they have a monarchy, or at least It may be more like a symbolic monarchy with a council. These people did immigrate over the mountains to get there, and I thin the place they came from has a monarchy (or at least did when they left).

                    • Hrm. Habit of calling oneself a kingdom, maybe? I like the symbolic monarchy idea, but I’m not sure how common it is outside of modern times.

                    • Well, if they are used to having a king, but after traveling as a group through hostile mountains (with emphasis on hostile) no longer really want one, they might have set up a symbolic one to start with. Possibly the most senior member of the council gets called “king” or “queen.” Or, they are just used to using the word, and it stuck.

                    • Along those lines, yes. I’m still considering it. The overarching politics of the country barely comes up in this novel – there is mention of a transportation enforcement service which checks landing zones, and of course there is money which might have a king or queen’s face on it… but on the whole the politics that matters is the politics of either the library system or the dragons. So I don’t need to have it all figured out to jut keep writing (for that, I just need to get my but in gear, and start taking the laptop to work again).

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