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Today’s Reiassan Notes!

Note one: GOATS! Evolved bigger to begin with, and then bred to be riding-sized. is a good size-idea, but they’re bigger than that, even, the size of small ponies

Second-smallest unit of currency will be what can buy a pound of wheat. Money is (easily available metal) set with semi-precious and precious stones, the Tien, the Vieg, the Rei, and the High Tien/Vieg/Rei.

Twitter notes on inheritance & gender

Well, under Empress Grandma, the country had a major renaissance of innovation: a blue dynasty. Emperor Now~~~is a Red dynasty, very warlike, using Grandma’s infrastructure to conquer the Southern People. Buuut because of the ~~way inheritance works, Empress Grandma’s time was a very restrictive time for women, while Emp.Now is not.

The 1st-of-1st, 3rd-of-3rd, 9th-of-9th etc. child-of-child, of Gender Opposite Monarch, are heirs. I.e.~~~~Emp.Now’s 1st daughter’s 1st daughter, his 3rd daughter’s 3rd daughter. He was Grandma’s 9th son’s 9th son.

Inheritance by the women’s lines doesn’t require knowing who the father is, thus less sequestering of mothers.

Call for Prompts: Steampunk!

The prompts theme for January is (drumroll please):


(Based on the results of this poll and this call for ideas).

Re-imagine steampunk. Not just gears and brass, corsets and goggles, what can I do with steampunk? Where can the steam and the sci-fi go that it hasn’t gone before?

I’m looking for writing prompts for short stories, and, if you want to challenge me more, a specific word count greater than 99 but less than 3500. Can’t promise all will be written but what I can say is that, if I write a short story off your prompt, you will get a copy of it even if it is not posted for general consumption.

I’ll post one or two free stories off each call for prompts and offer the rest for sponsorship until or unless they’re submitted for publication

For stories written from previous prompts, see the summary post

Stories written from Prompts! A summary

This is a list of stories & poems written form my calls for prompts, and from external prompt sites:

The Green
All Green Dots, a flash fiction from daHob’s prompt
Down by the River, a flash fiction on the dangers of nature.
Relics, a story of Rin & Girey/Reiassan, 1100 words, sponsor for $22 $10 sponsored, $12 to go
Bridged, the “sequel” to Relics, 1100 words, sponsor for $10 if Relics is fully sponsored.

It Always Hurts, 1400 words from the lyrics of “the Holly and the Ivy,” sponsor for $28

Ways and/or Means
Holding the Ways, a microfiction of an unconventional funeral, 350 words. Sponsor for $7
The Old Path, from ellenmillion‘s prompt “the Old Ways” and eseme‘s prompt “…discovering old overgrown [ways].” 4100 words, sponsor for $75
Labyrinth, still in progress, from clare_dragonfly‘s prompt “the path the the labyrinth” & eseme‘s prompt of “bartering.”

Beginning with B
Life Packages, from clare_dragonfly‘s prompt Babies, boxes, breasts, and bombs.
The Trouble With Bongong Island, from Inventrix’s prompt “Bananas, Bifurcation, Belittling Bohemian butterflies.” 2111 words draft gentlemen adventurer tale, sponsor (edited and cleaned) for $45
Keeping the Gods, a story of the fae apoc, from Shutsumon’s prompt “bacchanal, barbarocracy,bathykolpian.” 1500 words of cautionary fantasy, Submitted to Writer’s Digest Shorts Competition
Friday Flash: The Intern, an erotic flash fiction from from eponymousarchon‘s prompt “Bonking! Buggery, Butter, Bananas”

Exotic, Erotic, Exogenetic
Disovery Channel – for friends
Two by Two – a short story of Fae Apoc

Starts with A
AvariceFrom haikujaguar‘s prompt “Avarice. Anemia. And maybe… appetite.” 1038 words, a story of mixed appetites and dovetailing greed. Sponsor for $30
Afghans for Aliens, a flash fiction sci-fi
Arizona, a poem

Point of View, a story of Rin & Girey
Sunday at the GroveFrom clare_dragonfly ‘s prompt, this is a tender story of mourning and passing on. 900 words. Sponsor for $25
Switch, a story of Fae Apoc

Roll Your Own
End of the Line
Tea Time, a story of Rin and Girey
The Farm, a story of unexpected solutions, submitted to Flash Fiction Online

How does Sponsoring work?
For semi-pro rates, stories run a bit more money than poems. This is my prototype sponsoring program. You can:

  • Throw money in the general pool. When there’s enough to sponsor a story, I’ll put it up for a general vote.
  • Micro-fund a specific story: donate any amount of money towards a specific story. I’ll post that it’s $Xx towards being completely funded.
  • Sponsor a whole story. If you sponsor a story, I will immediately post it on my blog for everyone to see, with your name or that of a dedicatee if you wish; plus you get a nonexclusive publication right, so you can post it on your own blog or elsewhere as long as you keep the credits intact. (Some phrasing from YsabetWordsmith’s Poetry Fishbowl).

Carry On Tuesday
Flying – erotic flash fiction
Packed Up, a story of Rin & Girey
Crossing into Lannamer, a story of Rin and Girey
Flattery, an erotic flash fiction set in the fae Apoc universe
Little White Horses, from this & Daughters of Clio, a story of faeapoc

Three-Word Wednesday
The Deep Inks
Boom, Pow
9th Step
Walled Flowers, a story of fae apoc
In the Dirt
Revived, a story of the Stranded World, 2556 words. Sponsor for $50
Not Interfering
Curriculum, fae apoc & Lady Alouetta’s Garden

Seventh Sanctum
Tangled, a story of the Stranded world
Gifted, a Yultide story from the Tir Na Cali universe
Keyed up,, the sequel to Gifted

Daughters of Clio
Skill & Dreams, a story of Reiassan, the Rin & Girey universe
A Myth of Reiassan
Recruiting, a short story possibly in the Stranded ‘verse
Community Lines,a short story of Autumn & her brother Winter
Little White Horses a story of fae apoc