MeiLin is having a fundraiser!

Fundraiser: $10 for Chunk of Book 2 First Draft

MeiLin-miranda, author of Scryer’s Gulch and Intimate History of the Greater Kingdom, is having a fund-raiser.

She says:

    Rather than whine here for donations, I’m offering you something for something. You give me $10, I give you the prologue and first chapter of book two. That’s about 8,800 words.

    Keep in mind that it’s drafty in the extreme. You’re going to note things aren’t as filled out as they should be. Wording may be awkward in spots. There may be editing artifacts or typos. The whole thing may even get thrown out in the end (don’t think so, but it could happen). But if you really want to know what to look forward to, you’ll get a good idea.

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