A Rather Silly Pantoum for 3ww

Three Word Wednesday is a once-weekly 3-word writing prompt.

This week’s three words were dare, essence, practical.

That it’s a poem is partly inspired by [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith‘s recent fishbowl, and partly by a discussion of poetic forms with Inventrix, and the poem she got out of that.

It’s a bit silly,but I like it.

“She’s nice, I guess,” Lenora sighed;
“My son and her, they get on well.
“She’s pretty, charming, dignified,
“But if there’s any sense in her, I can’t tell.”

“Jackson and her are getting on well,”
Lenora felt she could confide,
“But there’s no sense in the silly Nell.
“If it weren’t for me, they’d both have died.”

Lenora felt she could confide
In the women at the market dell
If it weren’t for her, they’d nigh on have died –
Her tales had served all of them well.

The women at the market dell
Listened, nodded, to Lenora’s sighs
They knew her tales; they’d served them well
But the essence-seller had the prize

They’d listened to all Lenora’s sighs
When the dark-haired woman began to sell
Her wares; she dared to price the prize
Quite dear; she knew its worth full well.

The dark-haired woman pitched her sale
“She’s pretty, charming, dab this in her eyes,
“Just four gold, to make her practical.”
“She’s worth the gold,” Lenora sighed.

Drakeathon 2/19-2/20/11

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