Drakeathon! Livewriting Flash Fiction – TONIGHT!

The Drakeathon is in a few short hours and I’m getting excited!

I’ve figured out this googledocs thing, so donors will get to actually watch me write *chews nails!*

But if you’re not going to be around tonight, and don’t want to miss out, I don’t want you to miss out either! Feel free to leave a prompt here, let me know if you donated/signal boosted, and I’ll work on them through the evening.

Details here and here.

And here’s the fun donation bar/Paypal button:

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5 thoughts on “Drakeathon! Livewriting Flash Fiction – TONIGHT!

  1. A prompt, let’s see… however many words I get for RTing and donating in the post-apoc of your faeapoc universe. Because I love the post-apoc lots.

  2. Feel better, Drake! We’re doing Changeling tonight, so how about “the dreams of winter” as a prompt? John and I donated $10.

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