Drakeathon! Day Two

The Drakeathon Continues!

Free Fiction From Your Prompts!

During the Drakeathon hours (8 p.m. – midnight EST Saturday and 2 – 6 p.m. EST Sunday), leave a prompt or request and I will write 50 words on that prompt and post it here.

Donate to the Drake Fund and I’ll write 300 words on your prompt for every $5 you donate (up to $50/3000 words); additional perks for donors are listed below.

Signal boosting adds 50 words to the count; someone showing up from your signal boost adds another 50.

The first 3 free prompts each hour and every paid prompt are guaranteed to be written; paid prompts of over 1000 words may be finished after the ‘thon but within 30 days.

If I write to your prompt I will post it to the blog or as a comment in the Drakeathon thread, with the name of the prompter (or another dedicatee if you wish); plus you get a nonexclusive publication right, so you can post it on your own blog or elsewhere as long as you keep the credits intact.

If I merge prompts I will add wordcounts together, thus your 50-word prompt may be part of a 100- or 350-word story, for example.

Prompts should be left as a comment to a Dreamwidth or LJ Drakeathon post.

Donor Perks

* Your Prompt /will/ get written.
* You will be invited to a googledoc to watch me write in real time.

Other perks vary with the total donations I receive:

If I reach $20, I get a pizza Reached!
If I reach $75, everyone who donates will get a printed-and-snailmailed or pdf-and-e-mailed prettified version of the story from their prompt Reached!
If I reach $150, there will be an e-book of the stories from these prompts; sponsors will get a free copy
If I reach $225, the e-book will include a never-before-seen short story of 1500-3000 words written for this anthology
If I reach $300, there will be a print book, and donors will receive a discount on said book.
If I reach $375, the e- and print book will have professional art for the covers & a second new short story.

What won’t you write?

Anything that really squicks me. That’s generally limited to sexual situations involving food, former food, dead things, or kids, but hardcore torture has been known to bother me, too.

Fanfic, or pieces set in other people’s universes, unless it is your universe and you are asking me to write it, or if it’s my universe.

Anything involving hurting animals. Especially cats. 🙁

So what should I prompt you on?

Almost anything! If you want 150 words on daffodils, I shall give you 150 words on daffodils! If you’d like a short piece of erotica, I’m more than willing.
There are a few exceptions, see below.

If you’re stumped, I have several years’ of fiction in my livejournal. Try these tags for ideas:
More, Please – stories people have asked me to continue
FaeApoc – the setting in which my ongoing webserial Addergoole is set
Rin & Girey – a fantasy semi-romance abduction series
Cali – a slavery-and-porn series, sometimes with future!catpeople
“Vas” – a new series of short-shorts of planet exploration and unexpected findings.

If you’re here from Addergoole, yes, I will write Addergoole or Wild Ones Stories.

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4 thoughts on “Drakeathon! Day Two

  1. Are you currently taking prompts for this? I think it would be neat to have a story of my two characters Poink and Boink – http://risha.deviantart.com/art/Poink-Reference-28227312?q=boost%3Apopular%20by%3Arisha%20poink&qo=1 http://risha.deviantart.com/art/Boink-Reference-Sheet-32634771?q=boost%3Apopular%20by%3Arisha%20poink&qo=18 Poink (the blue one) is curious and likes to go on adventures. Boink is her loyal mate and usually ends up getting into trouble (comical trouble) because of Poink’s fun. I wish you luck in your fundraising. I might be able to donate later. I’ll try to get some money together. I advertised this on my Twitter account. I hope it brings more people.

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