Archive | April 9, 2011

Work in Progress: Mailbox

Did I post this one already? Part of 1000 words of WIP

I don’t think it’s all that weird (I’ve been known to be wrong about these things, but in this case, I stand by my assessment). I like mail, real mail, paper mail with stamps, hand-written on stationery if at all possible. I like opening my mailbox and seeing something in there. Catalogs will do in a pinch, but I prefer the human touch.

When I was younger, there were still pen-pals, people that would write letters to you, that you would write to in return, a tenuous connection with a strange culture. Now, with the internet, with the pervasiveness of instant communication, no-one bothers anymore. And the electrons are simple not as satisfying at paper. They’re so transient, so intangible.

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