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Hey, A Boundary, Volume II!

Please don’t make definitive statements about who/how I am. You’re probably wrong, and, in the meantime, you’ll upset me.

I’m talking about “you like to do this. You’re this sort of person.” Not “You’re tall.”

Modifiers are your friend. “It seems like; it looks like…” those things make me really happy. “It seems like you like this?”

State of the Panda ;-)

It hasn’t been the most productive 5-or-6 days writing-wise for me, but it was an awesome weekend.

Went shopping with mother-woman on Friday for birthday-type stuff, and fit into a size 8 capri!… albeit a bit snugly, but this is New York, I have another three weeks at least before I’ll need short pants.

(“Fit into a size 8 comfortably” is a weight loss goal)

E.Mc & Kris came to visit in the middle of a power outage Saturday-Sunday. We got very wet, had some awesome Thai, some awesome wine, and some awesome brandy. There were also birthday gifts… which I love! I have Shirley’s new book and two of Elizabeth Bear’s and we have a terrarium! It is shaped like a mushroom!!

Monday we drove up to my parents’ house to give them some leftover Christmas gift 😉 (That’s a 2-hour drive) and then for a bridesmaid’s-dress fitting, then home. It was a fun time, hanging out with my husband.

And then back to work!!

How was your weekend?

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