Beginning of a Winter story, per ClareDragonfly & @Inventrix’s request

There were times when Winter thought his mother had chosen to have him first, to be there for the girls when their father died.

It wasn’t a possibility he ever talked about; Mom, who would know, he’d never ask. Other people would either think he was crazy for at least three facets of that thought, and the ones who wouldn’t, well, were either just as close to the situation as he was, or would have reactions to it he wouldn’t like.

Pre-planned or not, he had been the father figure to his sisters since he was seven years old and now, as an adult with his “daughters” grown up and out of the house, he found the habits hard to put aside. His nature, the way the strands of the world reacted to him, was either created by that situation or exacerbated it, and either way seemed to solidify it.

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6 thoughts on “Beginning of a Winter story, per ClareDragonfly & @Inventrix’s request

  1. Ooh. Winter sounds extremely interesting. I picture him as having white hair, for some reason. (Well no, not some reason; because his name is Winter. XD) (Well, platinum blonde, really.) Is this accurate?

  2. I want to hug Winter. That is a hard thing in many ways, no matter how much you love your sisters. We should definitely see more of him. And maybe someone who shakes his life up a bit?

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