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30daysmeme: Horseback (Vas’ World)

Day 16 of 30 days of Fiction: “16) Write a scene on horseback.”

Vas’ World, and in sequence with the rest of the Vas cycle. See them all here (Lj Link)

“Can I call it a horse, at least?” Malia twitted Vas, not for the first time.

“It has blue hair,” Paz complained, “and a purple mane and tail. Mine at least is sort of natural-colored.”

“She, not it,” Suki interjected, “presuming mammalian biology. All three of them appear female. And considering the intelligence they showed, might not appreciate being spoken about as if they weren’t there.”

Vas, who was having a bit of trouble reconciling any number of things about the proto-horses, including the cotton-candy pink mane of the one he and Suki were riding, said nothing.

“Well, horses or not, they rescued us,” Andon pointed out, from the back of his blue-and-purple mount, “or, at the very least, got us out of the mess we were in. And they don’t appear to have thumbs, so I doubt they built the walls, or these saddles on their backs.”

“So,” Malia pondered, “that leaves us open to the possibility of three sentient species, for varying definitions of ‘sentient.’ Do you think the horses have language, Suki?” The appearance of their giant Clydesdale-like rescuers seemed to have reverted the already-silly researcher to about five standard years old.

“They might,” Suki allowed. “Although it’s of course impossible that they speak or understand Terran languages.”

“Well, of course.” Even when Andon was agreeing with him, Vas wanted to punch him. And then punch the psychologist who’d put together their team. “Conflict is good for exploratory committees.” Nyeah.

He wrinkled his nose, wondering if Malia wasn’t the only one the horse-thing was turning five.

“Of courrrrrse,” said his horse.

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Soundtrack dissonance

I was walking through the neighboring-business’s parking lot as a car drove by, thudding base and a hip-hop sound pounding almost in time to my footsteps.

The neighboring businessman comes out and says “I saw you walking by and heard the music, and thought, ‘if this was a movie, that soundtrack would be incongruous.”


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30 Days – Other People Playing

Others I know who are also doing the 30 days meme include:
Ravenswept, whose meme it is
Hi Lilfluff!

If you know others, let me know, and I’ll add them to the list. Guys, there’s a lot of absolutely awesome stuff here!

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