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Weekend, with flea market and semi-relevant links

We went on a field trip Sunday!

So, we drove up to nearly where Sam grew up – about 3 hours, the northwest corner of the state, inasmuch as NY has corners. There’s a rather big flea market there, that does a monthly EVEN BIGGER flea market. And we got stuff! Specifically, a picnic basket, a hand-held/hand-operated sewing machine, and a loaf pan of pumpkinyness. Total spent: $16.

And then we got REALLY GOOD ice cream and then we went to a Hyatt’s (art supply store) and a BBQ store and… then we drove home and fell over. Good day, all in all.

  • Some Fun links I’ve encountered:

  • Do you Pinterest? I have three newish boards you might find interesting:

    • Addergoole Changes, which, you guessed it, has art depicting potential Changes for Addergoole and the fae apoc ‘verse. (Changes, if you don’t follow the setting, are the physical ways in which Ellehemaei (fae) are different from humans.) There’s a lot of Mermaids; I’d love to see some other suggestions if you find things.

    • Thimbleful Thursday collects all the little graphics I’ve made and posted so far for the Thimbleful Thursday & Tell-me Tuesday prompts

    • Reiassan Inspiration is a combination of garb and cultural references, brightly-colored clothing, and brightly-colored rest-of-the-world. Also braids, and there really ought to be some goats there. Again, please feel free to suggest anything you come upon that might be Reiassan-y.

  • Speaking of MCA Hogarth, if you have not checked out her Candy-Colored Kickstarter, you have just about three days to go for the neon goodness that it is.

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Origin of the Planties

I have been thinking about plant origins and variations.

Spurred by this article and lovely infographic, and the fact that when you plant 5 or 6 different Brassicae in one long garden plot, it becomes really really obvious they’re the same plant (esp. Kale and Brussels sprouts! They make nearly identical plants!) and by this cute video showing plants then-and-now, it makes me wonder both about what’s in our garden (right now? Dirt and last year’s carrots and leeks, and one barely-surviving kale plant) and about worldbuilding plants.

And then I think about growing purple potatoes, and I think about this, Ursula Vernon’s informative rant on the Potato Apocalypse, and I think about varieties.

We have such bounty, and such breadth and depth available. It’s pretty awesome.

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Butch Clothing/Dressing/Tuxes/Suits links

I had reason today to spend some time googling tuxedos for female-bodied people in weddings, which ended up with looking at a lot of butch fashion sites. Some links shared here because I found the array interesting.

Butch Wonders’ list of clothing designed for butches – http://www.butchwonders.com/blog/clothes-designed-for-butches-yes-really The whole blog is nice, too.

Lesbian Weddings on Tumblr – http://lesbian-weddings.tumblr.com/ – speaks for itself

Offbeat Bride’s article on “Wedding suits for butches, transmasculine beings, and other festive gender-benders” http://offbeatbride.com/2009/07/butch-wedding-suits

The Butch Clothing Company – http://thebutchclothingcompany.co.uk/ – exactly what it says on the tin

Bindle & Keep’s women’s wear – http://www.bindleandkeep.com/women/

http://www.hertuxedo.com/ – another ‘what it says on the tin’

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Links of Awesome, Friday Edition

The Kitchn: Advice for Eating on a Very Tight Budget

(we ate lots of rice and beans, and “splurged” on condiments when they were on sale. To this day you can see that echoed in our condiment selection, which is, ah, extensive).

Via M.C.A. Hogarth: Russian Scientists Build Monument To Honor Lab Rats

Now I want to read Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH again…

And FROM MCA Hogarth: Now Available: Not in Need of Quests, a Men in Fantasy Coloring Book!

You have GOT to look at this! It’s beautiful!

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Micro-Housing becoming a trend fascinates me

Hattip to stryck, who RT’d this tweet:


I did a little quick googling, and found this article – from USA Today – about micro-apartments.

Like Tiny Homes, I find the concept fascinating (microapartments are a much more efficient use of space/walls, of course, because they can be stacked, but you lose out on window-walls and green space) – though I’m a little amused at myself for this fascination just a couple years after moving into our Biggest Place Ever (I mean, it’s about 1700 sq. feet + a garage-barn, but still. The last place came in around 700 square feet).

There’s not a lot of point to this blog post, just, hey, thing I find neat is trending.

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