30daysmeme: Identity, Rin/Girey @inventrix

Day 21 of 30 days of Fiction:” 22) Write a scene with children,” yes I’m doing Day 21 twice.

Reiassan/Rin & Girey, after Bridged (a Green Man story, sponsor for $20), which is after Crossing Into Lannamer

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He wanted to stare at the city.

Lannamer was one of the oldest cities on the continent, old as Ouyknan, and as big (some small part of him, still loyal to his home, refused to acknowledge that it was, in actuality, bigger). As brightly painted as Ossulund, it should have seemed garish, but the colors seemed to flow together when he glanced up.

Only glanced up, because he was staring at the plaque bracelet around his wrist, at his other wrist, smoothly un-shackled for the first time since the battlefield, for the first time since he’d met Rin.

Rin. She sat arrow-straight in her saddle, riding beside him, turning to smile at him reassuringly. Would he finally learn who she was? She couldn’t keep on being Rin the Healer, Just Rin, here in her home city, could she?

He turned to ask her, to demand one last time to know who she was, before someone called out her name, before he learned from a stranger. But the sound of small children drowned out his question unasked.

“Lady, lady!” They rushed toward her eagerly, the way they had in every town and city. “Lady! Lord!”

Lord threw him, shook him, reminded him who he was (who he was pretending to be, who he had been; what he would be was still up to her, still in the air). He sat up straighter, and raised his chin. Damnit, prisoner or no, false Duke’s son or no, he was a Prince. He ought to act the part.

“There you are,” Rin murmured to him. He had no chance to figure that one out, however, before the children clamoured again.

“Lady! Lord! Are you here for the wedding?”

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  1. Oh, a wedding! I’m curious about the differences between the marriage customs. I like the brightly colored cities too – I’d enjoy traveling there.

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